Letters of Endorsement

What an amazing opportunity it has been for our Deaf and hard of hearing students to receive tennis lessons through your organization-DhhEAF. They can’t wait each week for “Mr. Roy” to arrive. As their skills have grown, they find themselves quite capable at playing tennis. They also know that they are in for a whole lot of fun! As teachers, Roy, we want you to know you’re your influence goes far beyond the skills of tennis. Your enthusiasm, skill, and focus on integrity has mad lifetime contributions to these children’s lives physically, academically, and inter-personally.  Your focus on sportsmanship, character building, and communication has allowed our students to grow and flourish. Thank you!  Kathy Anderson & Linda Williams, DHH Teachers, OC Dept. of Ed.

The students are always asking to make sure that tennis will commence that day.  Roy Trafalski takes time to make his lessons a positive experience for them.  This program gives our students a boost in self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image.  Having DhhEAF’s presence in our school truly makes an impact. Jennifer Burnett / Yoko Foster, Marlton Elementary, LAUSD, Los Angeles, CA

Roy’s knowledge of sign language enables the students to understand and connect with him quickly. His attention to detail and warm positive demeanor have had a remarkable effect on each player. Their skills improved as he does a wonderful job of boosting self-esteem on the court. His sportsmanship and expertise make him a great asset to our program.

Andy Anderson, Teacher Venado Middle School, Irvine, CA


My daughter is 10 years old and she wears bilateral hearing aids.  It was difficult for her to participate in group sports and do things the “normal children” do because a lot of instructors don’t know how to communicate with a child that is hard of hearing.  This summer my daughter began to take Saturday tennis lessons and she is so excited about her first sports experience.  Roy is kind, patient and able to communicate effectively with deaf/hard of hearing children and hearing parents alike. He teaches tennis as well as life lessons. The service that DhhEAF provides to DHH children is priceless.

Charisse Atwood, Riverside, CA

The fact that you were able to sign as you taught the classes helped the students buy into your Program and helped immediately with your credibility. I was impressed with your knowledge of the game, the patience you exhibited with our students, and your ability to make the classes lots of fun. 
Jon Levy, Principal, Orange County DHH Program, Irvine, CA
Roy assimilates to the students' needs and has interest in their physical and educational growth....& puts the two together in his lessons.  I have personally seen our students' self-esteem increase through this wonderful program.  Jaymie Collette, Sussman Middle School, Downey, CA

.....we are exceptionally excited about the enthusiasm and the pride that our hearing impaired students are developing as they move through these life affirming, character building tennis lessons. The orientation meeting included a pep talk on how this sport can improve self image, concentration, eye hand coordination and pride as skill develops within the personality. My students look forward to Thursday and begin asking me on Monday if the tennis guy is coming.  We are very pleased with his dedication and enthusiasm and the results both are having on our students.
Fred DeCanio, M.S., Instructor DHH, Manhattan Beach Middle School

...........your presentation further revealed to the students the reality of the possibilities available to them.  I look forward to working with you in the future.
Jerome Roberts, Long Beach USD.

...tennis program offers my students a chance to excel in an area not bound by the confines of written language. It also offers them a time to socialize with their deaf peers while engaging in activities that contribute to an active, healthy lifestyle. It is even more exciting to imagine the potential benefit that this program will have on my student's development and self esteem.
Linda Campbell, Sussman Middle School, Downey, CA

I appreciate the positive rapport you have with all of the students and it is wonderful to see them show great enthusiasm and interest when you come to our school. They know it’s a reward to have tennis, therefore their attention and focus, not to mention their behavior is wonderful. I see the respect the students have for you. Once again, thank you for volunteering your time with our students, it is greatly appreciated.

Deena Parmar, Teacher, DHH Program, Orange County Dept. of Education, Anaheim, CA

CMS would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation to DhhEAF.  The balls, rackets & portable nets which have been supplied have been enthusiastically welcomed since we do not have immediate acess to courts. Roy's techniques have been well received by our students and many are thrilled at their new skills.....emphasizes the importance of schoolwork and that good behavior is to be expected.
Mike McGrath, Assistant Principal Carnegie Middle School, Carson, CA.