Students's Letters

I had fun & my favorite sport is tennis. Thank you so much for teaching me. Lucille, 11th grade

Thank you for teaching us to play tennis. It's fun and a good way to exercise. Try tennis, you may like it. Terrell, 10th gr.

it was fun when we played one on one. We could make a team and start a season in the fall. I want to keep practicing. & hope we win a tournament. Rigo, 11th grade

I had fun with your program and want to say thank you. I enjoyed it and had fun with my friends and you. I need to practice more. Illana, 11th gr.

Even though I'm a basketball player, I can handle both sports......starting to like tennis and I'm having a great time. Freddie, 12th gr.

.....the best part is the serve. Maybe I'll see you again when I go to high school. Joshua, 8th gr.

I will be practicing tennis at my own home right in the backyard. Your friend, Deandre, 7th gr.

......great helper, great time & I like to see you again. Thank you, Tyrone, 7th gr.

I appreciate you lessons. It is nice having you around. Your friend, Randy, 7th gr.

Thank you for coming to summer school. I like to play tennis a lot. Diego, 8th gr.

Thank you.....I hope you can teach us next year. Xavier, 8th gr.

Hey Coach, Thank you, thank you. I started to become better. I will see you next time. Frankie, 7th gr.

I really had a lot of fun at the park this summer. You are a really good coach. Manny, 7th gr.

Thank you for help me to play tennis. It makes me feel better. Angel, 7th gr.

I didn't know how to play tennis. Since you came I started to become better. Your friend, Jose, 8th gr.

Thank you for teaching me to play tennis. Your friend, Mia, 7th gr.

Thank you from the winners who got the sodas. Jennifer, 7th gr.